STILL STANDING STRONG: No, Superman's head did not fly off in high winds

by Aaron Price | 2/27/23 | 10:30 p.m.

©️ WFCN News (Photo: Metropolis Illinois News / Facebook)
©️ WFCN News (Photo: Metropolis Illinois News / Facebook)

MASSAC COUNTY - Despite online rumors, Metropolis' Superman Statue is still standing strong tonight.

A Facebook post made today by a satire news page has gained thousands of shares. The post claims that today's high winds caused Superman's head to detach from the statue.

"Please have no fear...Superman is still here...head attached, standing strong and tall through all the wind gusts! If you need to see for yourself be sure to check out the Super Museum and Hidden Gems Novelty and Collectibles while you're here!"

- Statement from Super Museum 

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