Marion Police dig up methamphetamine flushed into sewer system

by Aaron Price | 3/2/23 | 6:17 p.m.

©️ WFCN News
©️ WFCN News

MARION - The Marion Police Department recently had a new twist on a drug investigation in town.

According to the police department, detectives with the Marion Police Narcotics Unit recently used excavators to remove methamphetamine that was flushed down and made it in the sewer system.

In a post on Facebook, the department said...

"If the Marion Police Department Narcotics Unit comes to your house and you decide to flush your methamphetamine…. We WILL bring our buddies with excavators!"

Marion Police Chief David Fitts says it is one of the more creative methods that the narcotics unit has used to recover drugs in recent years.

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