Granny Puckett's Cupcakes opening Marion location 

by Aaron Price | 9/22/22 | 5:50pm

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©️ WFCN News

WILLIAMSON COUNTY - A popular bakery in Herrin will soon be moving their business to Marion's Tower Square Plaza.

Tammy Chandler, owner of Granny Puckett's Cupcakes, says the decision is a big move for her business after seeing lots of success in Herrin.

"The main thing I will miss about this location is our drive-thru. Our new location in Marion will be a walk-in and sit down style bakery. During COVID we were able to stay open thanks to the drive-thru while a lot of businesses have to close down," she said.

Chandler says her customers will also see some changes to the menu at their new location.

"We are actually trying to revamp our menu quite a bit. We will have a lot of the same things to offer, that we will also have a lot of new things for customers to try out," she said.

Granny Puckett's will be located in the Goodall Building on Tower Square, which is currently owned by local businessman Jeff Mayer.

"Moving from a 400 square ft kitchen to a 5000 square ft building is a big commitment, but we're hopeful everything will pay off in the end thanks to our loyal customers," Chandler concluded.

She is hopeful the new location will be open to the public by the beginning of 2023.

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