Crime scene photos, interrogation video leads to high emotions at Julia Bevely trial

by WFCN News | 2/9/23 | 8:12 p.m.

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©️ WFCN News

WILLIAMSON COUNTY - Emotions were high at the Williamson County Courthouse today as jurors and family members gathered for the fourth day of the trial for Julia Bevely.

Bevely is accused of stabbing 11 year-old Jade Marie Beasley at a rural Marion home in December 2020.

Bevely was found with bite marks on her arms, which was a topic of discussion at today's trial, as a local orthodontic expert testified that he believes the bite marks found on Bevely's arms were not from Beasley.

Also today, photos from the initial crime scene were displayed at the jury trial. The display and graphic nature of the photos included reports that blood was found throughout the home, with one CSI investigator testifying that blood found at the scene was among the most he has ever seen.

Photos of Beasley's autopsy were also shown to the jury.

Also today, a detective's interrogation video with Bevely following the opening of the death investigation was played in court. The interrogation ends with Bevely abruptly cutting the investigator off.

Day five of the trial takes place tomorrow morning at the Williamson County Courthouse.

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