Alleged Chinese spy balloon sighted traveling over Rend Lake area

by Aaron Price | 2/3/23 | 4:49 p.m.

©️ WFCN News (Photo: Susan Dundrige)
©️ WFCN News (Photo: Susan Dundrige)

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS - WFCN News has received the first photos of an alleged Chinese spy balloon travelling over Southern Illinois this afternoon.

The balloon, first spotted over Montana, was seen flying over the St. Louis area before traveling over Rend Lake late this afternoon.

One photo showed the balloon just north of Woodlawn, Illinois.

Several in the St. Louis metro area reported seeing the balloon over the past hour. The US has opted not to shoot down the balloon, and the Pentagon says it will likely remain over the US for the "next few days".

The balloon is tracking at around an altitude of 60,000 feet and is likely visible with the naked eye due to clear skies through the Midwest today.

Congressman Mike Bost released the following statement this afternoon calling for action...

"The Chinese spy balloon is over Southern Illinois RIGHT NOW. With Scott Air Force Base in our backyard, this is a serious national security threat. Do something, Mr. President! This is insane!"

This is a developing story.

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