"A senseless loss": Employees remember co-worker fatally shot Friday

by Aaron Price | 1/8/22 | 4:38 p.m.

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©️ WFCN News

CARTERVILLE - Emotions are still running high for many business owners in Carterville after what many are calling a senseless tragedy that occurred on Friday.

Law enforcement is continuing to investigate what led 36-year-old Robert Aumiller to fatally shoot his wife, Michelle at work, before later taking his own life.


Today, staff and co-workers of Michelle at Integrated Health in Carterville announced that they would be reopening this week while trying to cope with the tragedy.

"Last Friday, we suddenly and senselessly lost one of our own- Integrated Massage Therapist and front desk staff, Michelle," they said in a statement. "We cannot thank the first responders, the community, our staff and our patients enough. We have plans in place to have counseling and counsel available all week long to our staff."

Integrated Health also says they will be coordinating fundraisers and community events in the upcoming days, and will have a collection jar for donations to be given to Michelle's parents for the immediate needs of Michelle's children.

"One of Michelle's loves was music so a tribute concert is being planned for a later date with funds being earmarked for mental health care and continuing education for Michelle's children. Please accept our sincere gratitude and appreciation for you all as we navigate our new normal while taking care of our community's health care needs," the statement concluded.

Law enforcement have not yet provided any additional updates regarding their investigation, but additional activity was reported today in the area where the initial shooting took place.

Stay tuned for any additional updates regarding this ongoing investigation.

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