Several local schools "opt-out" of teaching new "sex-ed" curriculum in upcoming school year

by Aaron Price
by Aaron Price

6/23/2022 | 2:53 p.m.

FRANKLIN COUNTY - Several local school districts have decided to "opt-out" of teaching the new sexual education curriculum in Illinois, according to a document obtained by WFCN News on Thursday.

The document lists school districts from throughout the state of Illinois with their status on agreeing to teach the new curriculum.

Illinois passed the curriculum reforms last year, which says that "health and safety education" should be provided to K-5th Grade, and "comprehensive sexual health education" should be provided from 6-12th Grade.

Parents are allowed to opt their own children out of the sexual education courses, and school districts that do not wish to teach new curriculum do not have to as of now.

Local districts that have "opted out" as of June 21, 2022 are as follows...

• Benton Consolidated HS District 103

• Sesser-Valier CUSD 196

• Thompsonville CUSD 174

• Hamilton CUSD 10

• Murphysboro CUSD 186

• Trico CUSD 176

• Bluford CCSD 114

• Summersville 79

• Waltonville CUSD 1

• Waltonville CHSD 209

• Goreville District 1

• Du Quoin CUSD 300

• Tamaroa District 5

• Herrin CUSD 4

As of now, no local school districts have officially adopted the sexual education curriculum. The schools above have only opted out of teaching it.

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