Police chase ends on Rt. 13; suspects arrested; local HS evacuated

by Aaron Price
by Aaron Price

BREAKING UPDATE | 9/11/2021 | 3:46 p.m.

UPDATE: Reports indicate five suspects involved in a police pursuit this afternoon in Williamson County have been taken into custody.

WFCN News is waiting on a confirmation of this report from Illinois State Police.

On Saturday afternoon, a police pursuit that reportedly began in Marion ended about a quarter mile east of Cambria Road near Crab Orchard Lake.

The incident prompted a lockdown of the Carterville High School and Tri-C Elementary School campus, where activities were being held.

Shots were reportedly fired at some point during the incident.

At this time, no further information is available. Stay with WFCN News for updates.



WILLIAMSON COUNTY - Route 13 is backed up in Williamson County near Crab Orchard Lake after a police chase ended in a traffic accident.

According to law enforcement officials, they have been searching for at least three suspects involved in the incident.

Airplanes and drones have been flying overhead searching for suspects. Carterville High School and the Tri-C Elementary School were placed on lockdown for a short time due to the incident.

The area has since been evacuated, and parents can pick up their children at the elementary school.

Route 13 is currently backed up from Crab Orchard Lake passed John A. Logan College.

WFCN News is working on confirming additional details on this investigation. Stay tuned for updates.

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