Marion couple succumbs to COVID-19 just days apart

by Aaron Price
by Aaron Price

9/8/2021 | 12:27 p.m.

MARION - A married couple from Marion have both succumbed to COVID-19 just days apart following a short battle with the virus at Heartland Regional Medical Center.

According to obituary information, David and Crystal Bloodworth both passed away just three days apart over the past week after battling COVID-19.

WFCN News spoke with a relative, who says their family's indescribable losses have come as a shock to everyone.

"Crystal had some heart issues, so she initially had a tougher battle with the virus. However, once they kept my brother longer and longer I knew something wasn't right," said James O'Connor, David's brother.

Crystal passed away from the virus on September 3rd, and her husband succumbed just 3 days later on September 6th.

O'Connor says David and Crystal were some of the nicest people you could meet. "They meant so much to all of us, and their loss is just indescribable, especially at the same time. They were always kind, and always thinking about others," he said.

"It just shows that this can happen to anyone at anytime. This needs to be taken seriously."

Funds are being collected for memorial expenses. You can donate at Blue Funeral Home.

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