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6 Jul 2021

Good Deeds: SIH presented with award for record organ donations

HERRIN - Southern Illinois Healthcare was presented with an award on Tuesday morning for record numbers of organ donations over the past two years.

In total, 278 organ donors and 2,424 tissue donors in the region provided lifesaving gifts in 2020. Mid-America Transplant awarded SIH Herrin Hospital with the Gift of Life donor medal for its commitment to organ and tissue donation.

Local organ recipients and families of organ donors were also on hand for the ceremony.

The late Jessica Cantrell, of Galatia, sustained a traumatic brain injury at age 23 during a motorcycle crash in August 2008. 

A senior at SIU Carbondale at the time of her accident, Jessica had studied French and Spanish in hopes of traveling to Costa Rica. Jessica passed away at SIH Herrin Hospital in Nov. 2019.

“Hearing that news validated the decision to donate Jessica’s organs, and it gave us comfort knowing a part of her lives on and helps to bring joy and love to other families. We encourage people to be organ donors. You may be hesitant because your organ donation may only help a complete stranger, but that complete stranger is a father, mother, son or daughter to someone. You have the power to give that complete stranger a new lease on life,” said Jana Cantrell, Jessica's sister.

Ron Gegg, director of hospital services for Mid-America Transplant, says it takes the support of everyone to make their mission successful.

"To reach those kinds of numbers that we do, year after year, we need the support and effort from all of the hospitals. So, we just want to thank Herrin Hospital for everything they do," he said.

More information about Mid-America Transplant can be found by clicking here.
3 Jun 2021

WFCN to highlight "Good Deeds" in our local communities

From simple acts of kindness, to people who go out of their way each and every day to help others, WFCN News is highlighting all of the "Good Deeds" in our local communities.

Starting this June, WFCN will be accepting personal and business nominations on our website. You can nominate someone by following the steps below...

1. Include the subject's / organization's / business's name.

2. Include a 3-4 paragraph description of their "good deed".

3. Attach a photograph.

4. Attach your contact information. (Submissions may remain anonymous)

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