Dozens accuse Carterville schools of bullying, sexual harassment; statement to be released 

by Aaron Price
by Aaron Price

6/23/2022 | 10:12 p.m.

CARTERVILLE - Dozens of people packed a school board meeting on Thursday night in Carterville with various complaints of abuse within the school district.

One attendee at the meeting, Kyle Wilson, shared a presentation with us this week with numerous allegations and reports of "sexual, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse."

Wilson says those actions were at the hands of staff and faculty at Carterville High School, and the issues have been repeatedly ignored by administration.

Tempers have been hot online over the past week with many in the community sharing their own stories of abuse within the district.

At tonight's meeting, the Carterville school board says a formal statement will be released regarding these allegations tomorrow.

We are waiting for additional confirmation of specific incidents at this time within the district.

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